I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’m not the one writing this by talking in the 3rd   makeup by sabi logoperson! LOL

My name is Sabi Hinkson (not Hingston-almost everyone makes this mistake LOL), but they call me “LE“… I am the mother of two gorgeous girls. Although makeup is my passion, I am a teacher and a biochemist. Makeup is my escape from my stressful and busy world.

My interest in makeup was sparked by somewhat negative experiences, but that’s okay, because makeup artistry has been a blessing to me, and has given me a fun and colorful way to express myself. I know you want to know what I meant by “negative experiences” lol. Well it’s nothing too bad, but it’s honestly how I came to start wearing makeup. My eyelids are very dark, like, I think it’s safe to say they are black! No, it’s not due to lack of sleep (although I lack that very much), that’s just how my eyes are. I didn’t think anything of it, but when I got to high school people started teasing me about it, saying I looked like I got beat up, look like a raccoon etc. (man, high school kids are rotten). So in my efforts to figure out how to hide it, I came across makeup, concealer to be exact! My first true love was MAC cosmetics and I’m still a MAC junkie up to this day).

However, I used to be somewhat basic when it came to makeup application. On the contrary, my older sister (makeupbykifana) is not only a makeup junkie, but she is also a makeup artist, and she is truly the one who unleashed that “makeup beast” in me, and made me the makeup monster I am today!

I started exploring more, practicing more and then eventually went to school for makeup artistry and graduated, and now, here I am: “Makeup by Sabi,” a certified makeup artist…Although I’ve been doing makeup, it was really my friend Shanique who dragged me into doing fashion shows and pageants: before, I was intimidated by the pressure of these sort of events, but Shanique told me that I could do it, so I did it, I’m still doing it and I’m loving it! Every step of the way on my journey towards becoming a certified makeup artist, my boyfriend has encouraged me and supported me, so I owe a lot of my success to him…I LOVE YOU SK!

I will leave you with something that I always say:

You are a priceless and unique work of art, however you are the artist and your face is your canvas!

Live Life, Love, Laugh & Have fun!

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